About Us

Our Story..


I, the owner of Estailo have started this company from my own bedroom and now we are team of 20+ team members.

The journey that led me to found Estailo Fashion is deeply rooted in my lifelong desire to build something truly transformative. During my eight years as a software engineer, I have developed a deep understanding of the power of innovation and accessibility. But it was ultimately my passion for jewelry, nurtured since childhood, that fueled my vision for Estailo.

Our brand was born from a profound belief in redefining the jewelry industry, empowering individuals to express their unique style without any constraints. Drawing inspiration from Korean fashion, we curated a diverse and bold collection, embracing the essence of elegance and affordability beyond limits.

The story of how Estailo came to be is about more than jewelry; it's about empowerment. As I write this, I’m proud to say that I lead a company that is 100% staffed by women in our unnegotiable quest to champion women's empowerment with facts, not just words.

With over 3 Lakh+ satisfied customers, our journey continues to push the boundaries of fashion. Guided by our core values, we are here to pave the way for a future where style reigns supreme and every woman shines with true confidence.

Join us as we celebrate individuality, empower women, and illuminate the world, one piece at a time.

With Love,
Sangeeta Dudeja
(Founder and CEO of Estailo)